About Pan

Hello, My name is Pan. I’m an IT geek from 9-5 and a dog nerd at all others times. A few years ago, on weekends, I started visiting dog parks. Pretending to read a book, I would wait for dogs to approach me so that I could play with them. Since then, this was my weekly adventure.


I used to be a part-time wedding photographer. While my photos were good, I still didn’t feel fulfilled. I didn’t like asking people to “smile“. A smile should be natural rather than forced, especially on a wedding day. This was not my idea of true happiness, so I stopped.

These days, I’m proud to be a Pawtographer – a story teller sharing dog tales on Instagram @The.Pawsome. My journey has begun.

Email me at pan@ThePawsome.co for any reasons. I read every emails. Talk soon!!